Upgrade macOS Sierra to High Sierra on VMware on Windows

A Complete Guide on How to Upgrade macOS Sierra to MacOS High Sierra Latest Version.

This article is for those who are using macOS Sierra on VMware on Windows or on a Physical Mac Computer. the process will be the same for both users.

You can upgrade your macOS Sierra to High Sierra without doing a fresh installation from scratch.

macOS Mojave is the latest Operating system for Mac Users, but for any reason, you want to upgrade to macOS High Sierra. not macOS Mojave.

one of the main reason can be that may your hardware and software isn’t compatible with macOS Mojave.

Steps to Upgrade macOS Sierra to MacOS High Sierra

Upgrade macOS Sierra to macOS High Sierra
Upgrade macOS Sierra to High Sierra

Step 1: Check for compatibility

Before going to think about upgrade process you need to check your system compatibility for macOS High Sierra. and make sure that your hardware complete the macOS High Sierra requirements.

And make sure to confirm that the software that you are using on macOS Sierra is compatible with macOS High Sierra. This can create a problem to know after the upgrade process.

Your Mac Also Need at least 2 GM of Ram Memory and 15 GB of available storage space.

macOS High Sierra Harware Requirements

MacBook introduced in late 2009 or later
MacBook Air introduced in late 2010 or later
MacBook Pro introduced in mid-2010 or later
Mac mini introduced in mid-2010 or later
iMac introduced in late 2009 or later
Mac Pro introduced in mid-2010 or later
To find your Mac model, memory, storage space, and macOS version, choose About This Mac from the Apple () menu. If your Mac isn’t compatible with macOS High Sierra, the installer will let you know.

Step 2: Make a Backup

Before Going to take macOS Sierra Backup you need to check for its latest update. “Additional Step”

To do that Simply Click on the “Apple Logo” on the left cornet and select “About This Mac

Check for Software Update
Update macOS Sierra

As shown on the above image we are on the macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Latest Version. click on the “Software Update” button to check for the software installed update installed on this Mac.

Some Updates are available on this mac Click on “Update All” to get the latest update for software installed on this Mac.

Download macOS Sierra Update
Install Updates

If you click on More you will see the update details if you need that update you can install the update if you are with no so you can cancel the update and proceed to Backup Step.

Before installing any upgrade, it’s a good idea to back up your Mac. Time Machine makes it simple, and other backup methods are also available. Learn how to back up your Mac.

For this Article we use Time Machine to take macOS Sierra Backup before upgrade.

Empty your trash folder to decrease the backup size.

Empty Trash folder before backup
Empty Trash

To do that click on the Apple Logo and Select “System Preferences”.

System Preferences
System Preferences

You can not use your Internal Hard drive to take a Backup for this you need to use an external Hard Drive. Maybe a network hard drive which is connected to your Mac or a USB Flash Drive.

Click on the “Select Disk” to confirm the external hard drive for macOS Sierra Backup.

Time Machine Backup
Select Backup Disk

We use a USB flash drive for this article from the Available Disks Select the Drive and click on “Use Disk”.

Confirm External Backup Disk
Confirm Backup Disk

The backup Process depends on your macOS Sierra System Size smaller size take less time. you need to be Petain and wait for the backup process to be completed.

Time Machine Backup Process
Backup Process

Automatic backups

After you Select the backup disk. Time Machine will start the backup process. the first backup will take some time. your future backup will be faster. once completed you will see a backup complete notification.

Backup Complete Notification
Backup Complete Notification

You completely backup your macOS Sierra now you don’t need to be worried if you face any problem after upgrading to macOS High Sierra. Time machine takes your mac backup bit to bit you can restore back your mac in the future with this backup on the same state.

Take Backup on VMware

if you are using macOS Sierra on VMware. you can take a backup of your mac with Time machine. but another alternative method with VMware Workstation features to take backup is Snapshot.

From VMware Workstatio Menu Click on VM => Snapshot => Take Snapshot.

Snapshot tool to take backup
Snapshot Tool

Type a Name and Description for this Snapshot and Click on “Take Snapshot“.

Take Snapshot of macOS Sierra on VMware
Take Snapshot

The process will not take much time and you can restore your macOS from the Snapshot in the future if you face any problem.

Step 3: Download macOS High Sierra

It takes time to download and install macOS High Sierra, So make sure you have a reliable internet connection. and make sure to start the download process on the right time and Plugin into AC Power if you are using a laptop.

macOS High Sierra is no more on the App Store for a direct download, if you open the App Store and search for macOS High Sierra, you will not be able to find that.

Click on the below link and this will redirect you to the App Store with macOS High Sierra Download Link.

Download MacOS High Sierra from App Store

Now you are on the App Store with macOS High Sierra Available Download links if you need more information about macOS High Sierra you can read on this page. to confirm the Version Size and security update which included in macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. Click on the Download Button. After you decided to download this Version.

Download macOS High Sierra
Download macOS High Sierra

When the Download is completed macOS High Sierra Installer Popup will appear on your Mac Screen. if you don’t see an installer popup click on “Open“.

Upgrade macOS Sierra to High Sierra
Open to Upgrade

Step 4: Upgrade to High Sierra

Now its time to install macOS High Sierra 10.12.6 Version and upgrade to macOS High Sierra from macOS Sierra 10.12.6.

Continue to Install macOS High Sierra
Continue to Install

Click on “Continue” button to start the upgrade process

Click on agree button and accept the popups for the license term and proceed the installation.

macOS High Sierra License Term
Agree license Term

Confirm the “Installation Disk” and click on “Install Button

Confirm the installation disk for high sierra
Select Installation Disk

You will see a user login popup type your password and hit enter on keyboard.

Upgrading macOS Sierra to macOS High Sierra will take some time so be Petain and wait for that to be done.

High Sierra Upgrade Process
Upgrade in progress

Once the above process completed your make will restart and go for upgrade file installation.

Installing Upgrade Files
Installing Upgrade Files

Read the Data & Privacy and click on Continue.

macOS High Sierra Data & Privacy
Data & Privacy

Upgrading from macOS Sierra to macOS High Sierra will ask you to login with your Apple ID. but you can Skip this and set up later.

Apple ID Login
Apple ID Login

Wow you are done with upgrade process now you on macOS High Sierra 10.12.6 which is the latest version

macOS High Sierra Latest
macOS High Sierra Latest

Bottom Line:

That was all about on how to upgrade from macOS Sierra to macOS High Sierra on Mac and Virtual Machine on Windows.

if you face any problem during the upgrade process you can mention on the comment section below.

I am sure you will not face problem upgrading from Sierra to High Sierra if you all the steps correctly finally you will get macOS High Sierra latest on your mac and Virtual machine in VMware and VirtualBox on windows.

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