8 Effective Ways to Leverage Social Media for Your Business Growth

It is not at all astonishment that ‘social media’ has become a powerful medium today to market your business. It is proven to be the best platform to generate leads for your business. The constant increase seen in the percentage of people actively participating on social media is motivating marketers to use social media for their lead generation. Social media is not only just another marketing tool which strengthens your marketing strategy but is also a cost-effective method to generate leads and drive sales. Though social media is the best way to generate leads, there is a fact that companies should realize – Increase in likes and followers do not always imply a guaranteed increase in sales. But there is a definite scope to increase sales if they nurture their customers properly. Here in this article, we are going to discuss five effective ways to leverage social media that every company should follow to improve lead generation.

  1. Know your Market:
  2. Understand your Customer:
  3. Engage your Audience with Relevant Content:
  4. Set your Timetable:
  5. Observe your Competitors:
  6. Improvise the strategy when required:
  7. Create your own community:
  8. Network more to get more:

Effective Ways to Leverage Social Media for Your Business Growth

1- Know your Market:

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A business with improper targets always leads to a failure. Setting up a business and marketing to the wrong audience will never return profits to you. In fact, you may end up in a huge So, it is necessary to understand your market first.

Suppose if you are running a business of products related to women and you are targeting the audience as men then it is waste of time and money. In addition, your business will be ruined leading to a loss. So first there is a necessity to know your market.

Today, Facebook is offering customized advertising facility through which you can target the audience based on the age, demographics, interests etc. By using this facility, you can target the right audience with high efficiency which will definitely save your marketing investment to some extent.

2- Understand your Customer:

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Whatever product you are marketing, your primary target should be ‘customer’. Make sure that you are conscious about your customers. Until and unless you are able to identify your customer needs, likes, and dislikes, you can’t appeal them. It is important to understand your customer needs and what they are looking for. Try to analyze their needs based on their search behavior and also analyze which social media platforms are most used by your customers and why. Based on that you can adopt an effective marketing strategy to attract them towards your products.

3- Engage your Audience with Relevant Content:

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Always make sure that you share interesting content to your customers. Try to create a new enthusiasm in your customers by sharing relevant and useful information. Attract them with promotional offers. Try to make more conversions by quick response and engagement. Show your followers that you are attentive. Try to gain their trust, which in turn will increase your reach. More reach means more engagement which will definitely increase your followers.

4- Set your Timetable:

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Prepare your own strategy and frequency to post in social media. Always be attentive to the situation and identify the perfect time to create buzz. Make sure to post at times when most of your audience are active on social media. Analyze their behavior and act accordingly. Try to maintain low response time by responding within an hour or less. This will increase the customer’s trust in your brand. Trustworthy customers will definitely spread their word increasing your brand reach. If possible reward them with more discounts, advanced access to the information etc. Focus on increasing the brand loyalty.

5- Observe your Competitors:

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 Stop traveling blindly in your own way. It is necessary to Observe your competitors marketing posts and strategies to improve your own marketing strategy. Observe your competitors but be unique in implementation. Try to develop better strategies and offers to attract customers.

Consider the fact that not always the promotional offers which decide your reach, conversions and leads but most of the times, it is the qualified information you share with your customers are responsible to reach more people.

Don’t get wrapped up in promotional offers all the time, it may bore your customers. Sometimes share some interesting and useful information or motivational things beyond your products and other promotional offers. Believe in quality rather than quantity.

Make them hear you. Try to create interactive posts which should make them feel that you are speaking with them. Use friendly language. Try to stand out unique among your competitors.

6- Improvise the strategy when required:

Don’t settle yourself to one thing. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your strategies and improvise them as per necessity. Marketing on social media is not just a regular thing but a different thing which may change in an hour. If you are not super active in identifying, implementing and accepting the changes in a short period then be ready to lose your position in the market as somebody will be ready to occupy.

7- Create your own community:

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Once you gained considerable followers, try to bind them by interacting with them. Listen to them, enquire their concerns and solve their problems. Be frequent in interaction and involve them in all the business activities by sharing information and collecting feedbacks. This will definitely increase your community network.

8- Network more to get more:

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Yes! It is necessary to engage more to get recognized more. Suppose you have set up a new business and thinking to market it? How will you do it? You will try some organic reach by spreading your business information among your friends and other known communities. Then you will look after paid advertisements. But other than these, you can also increase your reach by networking.

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Wondering how? Yes! You can by following high-profile accounts, interacting with multiple people, participating in discussions on different social media platforms. Also by liking, commenting and sharing other peoples posts. All these things will increase your network and will help you in developing relationships with more people. ‘Give it to gain it’ is the policy you should follow to nurture social media for your business growth.

8 Effective Ways to Leverage Social Media for Your Business Growth
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