How to Install Ubuntu In VMware Workstation Pro.

Before going to know how to install Ubuntu in VMware Workstation Pro as a Windows 10 user, you need to know more about Ubuntu Linux.

As everyone knows that Ubuntu is a free and open source Linux distribution based on Debian. Ubuntu Officially released in three Editions, desktop, server, and core.

What to Know about Ubuntu?

It’s a popular operating system used for cloud computing, with support of OpenStack, if you have no idea about cloud computing so will give short brief of that as well, Cloud computing is a general term of using a network of remote server hosted on the internet to sore manage and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

Ubuntu is Complete, Open Source, Secure, Accessible, Looks great on the latest device, Available on a huge range of hardware and Backed by Canonical.

When it comes to a huge range of hardware, that means you can install Ubuntu on any type of hardware, on of theme can be as a windows user how we can use Ubuntu, so today as a windows 10 user we will show you how to install Ubuntu in VMware Workstation Pro inside windows 10,

But if you are not happy Working with VMware We have a guide on VirtualBox as well, Like How to Install Ubuntu in VirtualBox, and How to Create Ubuntu VirtualBox Image, out of Ubuntu same for Kali Linux How to Install Kali Linux in VirtualBox, and How to Create Kali Linux VirtualBox Image.

Requirements to Install Ubuntu in VMware Workstation Pro

Before going to talk about the installation steps we have to arrange the required files for installing/Using Ubuntu inside windows 10, to make things easy understand.

1: Download VMware Workstation Pro

VMware Workstation Pro is a virtualization software, that you can install any guest operating system on it, it don’t make a different whether you are a Microsoft Windows user, or macOS user and maybe Linux User. You can download the VMware Workstation Pro from VMware Official Website, with VMware Pro version you have to Option to use, Trail Version of Premium Version, if you are good with your pocket money we suggest you to use the premium version, but if not you can use the trail version with full features.

2: Download Ubuntu ISO File.

Ubuntu Officially Provide an ISO file for the latest version of Ubuntu on their official website, these ISO files include all the Ubuntu operating system files from bit to bit, that you can install this on any Virtualization Software Virtual Machine like VMware, VirtualBox and much more. Even you can make a bootable USB flash drive with this ISO file to install Ubuntu on any physical computer.

Note: with the Ubuntu ISO file you have to follow all the installation steps like installation of a fresh Ubuntu OS on any physical or virtual Computer.

Our Pre-required files are ready now let’s start the installation process of Ubuntu in VMware Workstation Pro, inside windows 10.

How to Install Ubuntu in VMware Workstation Pro in Windows 10

After downloading VMware Workstation pro and Ubuntu ISO file, we have to install VMware workstation Pro, Create a New Virtual Machine for Ubuntu Guest Operating system and customize the Virtual Machine Ram Processor for better performance.

How to Install Ubuntu In VMware Workstation Pro.

Step 1: Install VMware Workstation Pro

VMware workstation Pro Installation is simple like installation of other regular software which you install inside your windows 10 operating system it’s not out of just a few clicks,

Open the Setup.exe file and you will see the installation wizard and click on the next on the second page you have to accept the terms of the license Agreement Click Next.

Install Ubuntu VMware Workstation

Confirm the file location where you want to install VMware Workstation Pro, you can change that as your desire, click Next.

Install Ubuntu VMware Workstation

You have an option to create the VMware Pro Shortcut on Desktop and Start Menu, You can change that as well, Now click on Install.

Install Ubuntu VMware Workstation

You are done with basic Configuration of VMware Pro for installation, just wait for few second to complete the installation process, once done click on finish.

Install Ubuntu VMware Workstation

when you click on Finish you will be asked for a system restart go for that when the system comes up you will have VMware Workstation Pro Installed on your Windows 10.

Step 2: Create Ubuntu Guest Virtual Machine

Creating a new virtual machine for guest operating system are same for different operating system, but you can do some more customization while creating or after creating Guest Virtual Machine.

We talk about Ubuntu New Virtual Machine/Guest Virtual Machine so here we only cover the system Specification for Ubuntu.

Open VMware Workstation Pro From Desktop Shortcut or start menu of your windows 10

Install Ubuntu VMware Workstation

On the VMware Workstation Pro, you will see some options click on Create a New Virtual Machine.

Install Ubuntu VMware Workstation

Select A typical Installation, but you can go for the custom installation but the recommended option is to go for a typical installation, Click on Next

Install Ubuntu VMware Workstation

Select Installer Disk Image File (ISO) – click on Browse button and located where you have saved the downloaded Ubuntu ISO file and click on Open.

Install Ubuntu VMware Workstation

Here you can personalize Ubuntu with your desired User Name and Password, Click on Next.

Type a Name for Ubuntu Guest Operating system Virtual Machine and Confirm the location where you want to store the Virtual Machine. Store the Virtual Machine, on any drive out of C Drive.

Install Ubuntu VMware Workstation

After you confirm the folder where want to store the file click on Next.

Specify the Disk capacity for Ubuntu Guest Operating system Virtual Machine, the recommended is 20 GB so we are okay with that, you can store virtual disk file in a single and multiple files, we recommend to select store virtual disk as a single file.

Install Ubuntu VMware Workstation

Now you are done click Next and Click Finish.

Step 3: Customize Ubuntu Guest Operating System Virtual Machine

When you Ubuntu Guest Operating system Virtual Machine now we need to do some customization for better performance, here we just increase the Ram and Processor of Guest Operating system Virtual Machine.

From Virtual Machine List select Ubuntu Virtual Machine and click on Edit Virtual Machine Settings.

Install Ubuntu VMware Workstation

For best Performance we need to increase the Virtual Machine Ram, so Recommend 4 GB Ram. and Processor, Select 2 Processor and Number of Cores for Processor Select 2 as well, Now Click On okay and close the customization Windows.

Install Ubuntu VMware Workstation

Till Now you are down with creating Ubuntu Guest Operating System Virtual Machine and customization, now lets go to installation process.

Step 4: How to Install Ubuntu in VMware Workstation Pro inside Windows 10

If you have already installed Ubuntu on any Virtual Machine or Physical Computer, you skip the steps after this but if you are new to Ubuntu you have to look for the step to do a proper installation of Ubuntu in VMware Workstation Pro.

Click on Power on This Virtual Machine

when you power on the virtual machine Ubuntu will scan for required files from Ubuntu ISO file which we have added to this virtual machine, this will take some time you don’t need to be worried till that time you can look for the cool features of Ubuntu as Below Images.

Once the Installation Completed, you will have a login Screen which you type while creating new Virtual Machine type your password and enjoy Using Ubuntu in VMware Workstation Pro inside Windows 10.

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