How to Install macOS Catalina Beta on VMware on Windows PC

In this article, you will learn how to install macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta on VMware Virtual Machine Windows 10 PC. Further Apple recently announced the release of macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta on worldwide developers conferences 2019, (WWDC19) which is a significant improvement on the more recent one it’s full of plenty of new features, including some related to both security and performance, I mention some of the most talked features that we can’t wait for that like sharing applications over an external display which can be iPads or other connected monitors, screen time, which will help parents to control their child’s from expanding too much time on computer, and they can monitor all the application that are used by their child’s not only this much even they can set up a control and downtime for each application and categories and set a password for screen time not to reset the report.

There some of the most talked features about macOS Catalina, So we cant wait to try that out, for this we have to install macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta Version on a VMware Virtual Machine on Windows.

To Install macOS Catalina on VMware Virtual Machine we need to have macOS Catalina VMware Virtual Machine to install on Windows PC.

What is a macOS Catalina Virtual Machine Image?

A Virtual Machine Image or a VMDK file is a complete macOS Setup file from bit to bit to install macOS on Any Virtualization Software Virtual Machine, in this article we’re talking about macOS Catalina Virtual Machine image that we can run on VMware Virtual machine even if we are using windows desktop, VMware Workstation will help us to do so, to run macOS Catalina on VMware as a windows user first, you need to download and Install VMware Workstation, Next Create A New Virtual Machine and use macOS Catalina existing Virtual Disk image and install macOS Catalina on VMware on Windows PC. Follow the step

What You will need?

If you are considering, to work with macOS Catalina and test the new cool features of macOS Catalina which is one of the most Popular operating released by Apple. we have collected some tools for you which you are going to need. to install macOS Catalina on VMware on Windows PC. so go ahead and download them all.

  • VMware Workstation Pro & VMware Workstation Player – If you are a technical person you are aware of virtualization software for windows and am sure your best choice is VMware Workstation, Although VMware doesn’t support macOS Installation due its smooth interface people love to use VMware Workstation for their Virtualization.
  • VMware Unlocker  – Installing this tool will enable macOS Installation on VMware Virtual Machine this will help you to install macOS Catalina on VMware Virtual Machine on Windows PC.

macOS Catalina Beta VMware Image by TechCrowder 

Download WinRAR – We CompWe Comprised macOS Catalina VMware image with WinRAR Because Files can become corrupted when they are transferred over the internet in an uncompressed format. even a compressed file can transfer fast. After Downloading macOS Catalina VMware Image. you need to extract the file with WinRAR.

Step 1: Install VMware Workstation

VMware Workstation is the best choice for virtualization for window users it’s free of the coast and can create different multiple operating system virtual machines.

in this article, we will use VMware Workstation Pro from installation up to creating a new Virtual machine and customize the virtual machine for macOS Catalina and install macOS Catalina Beta on VMware workstation Pro on Windows PC.

Before proceeding on the installation steps you have download VMware Workstation Setup first. the rest of the process will be the same for both VMware Player and VMware Workstation it’s up to you to use which edition.

After Downloading click on the Setup file and tun the installation wizard.

End user license agreement, to gain more knowledge about you can read that other voice you can mark the i accept the in the license Agreement and click on next

Select drive where you can want to install VMware Workstation on your physical drive the default installation drive is the windows C:/ drive go next.

you can check for the product future update and join the VMware customer Experience improvement program if you don’t want so, you can deselect the option and go next.

its good to create a shortcut on the desktop and start menu for the future quick access when you need it. this will help you to easy open VMware Workstation from desktop shortcut.

All done, now you are ready for VMware Workstation Pro Installation you did all the basic task click on install and wait for the installation to be completed.

The VMware Workstation Pro Installation Process will take a while so be Petain and wait.

Once done, you will see an installation completed page and ask you for the registration or finish the simply click on the finish.

Step 2: Install VMware Unlocker

Once you have installed VMware Workstation Pro what we need to do next is to install the Patch Tool. What you’re going to do is right-click on “win-install.cmd” and choose the option Run As Administrator and this will then install the patch tool for you.

Step 3: Create New Virtual Machine for macOS Catalina

A Virtual Machine or (VM) is a combination of Software and your existing computer to emulate additional computers using some hardware resources of your physical computer.

Every virtual machine provides the ability to emulate a separate operating system (as a guest). Read More ….

If you have correctly downloaded and installed VMware Workstation. now going to open up VMware Workstation Pro and in the home, page select the option that says “create a new virtual machine”.

When you click on the Create New Virtual Machine the Virtual Machine Wizard page will open, and the process to create a new virtual machine for macOS Catalina is really simple.

you will have two option to create virtual machine on a typical setting or custom advance setting, the typical setting is recommended by VMware Workstation Pro.

Every Virtual Machine is like a physical computer, and needs an operating system, for this installation you have to select i will install the operating system later, which we will add the macOS Catalina Beta VMware Image.

After you have decided to install the operating system later, you will be asked to confirm which operating system you want to install on this virtual machine? Select Apple Mac OS X, and from version drop down list select macOS 10.14, you will not see any macOS 10.15 on this list because VMware Workstation is not updated for the macOS Catalina this work fine to install macOS Catalina on VMware on Windows, click on Next.

Type name for Virtual machine and browse for the location where you want store the virtual machine files.

I suggest to store your virtual machine of your C:/ drive where your host OS is installed.

for every virtual machine you have assign a hard drive disk size the recommended is 40 GB so i am good with this. and click on next.

Now ready to finish the Virtual machine creation it’s all most completed and we are one click away to have out macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta Virtual Machine on VMware on Windows PC.

Now Click on Finish to completed the process.

Step 4: Edit macOS Catalina Virtual Machine

Now we have created macOS Catalina virtual machine we are now going to want to edit the Virtual Machine Settings. to do that click on edit virtual machine settings.

And select the memory tab. For the RAM allocation set it at 50% of your machines RAM, so if your desktop has 8GB RAM allocate 4 GB of this to the virtual machine. for better performance.

Next Select Processor tab, and increase the number of cores per processor to 2, which will be a total of 4 processor cores.

On the hardware tab, you’ll see a list of devices. Go ahead and click “Hard Disk” from this list and select “Remove” button. What this is doing is removing the virtual hard disk that was created when we were first setting up the virtual machine.

Now click on the Hard Disk tab, and you will see that virtual machine has created a new blank hard disk for macOS Catalina with VMDK extension file we have to delete this and select our existing hard disk image. click on the remove button to delete the virtual machine hard disk.

Now its time to select our existing hard disk image file which is a macOS Catalina VMDK file, Click on Add Button.

To add a new virtual hard disk, select “Hard Disk” from the list of devices and choose “SATA” and then Click “Next” button.

To select an existing disk, we’re going to use browse through file explorer to the location where you stored the macOS Catalina 10.15 VMDK file before and select that and click finish.

Once you have browse the VMDK file and click on finish the Pop up will ask you to keep the image on its existing format or change it according to virtual machine setting. so select keep existing format.

You will see another hard disk attach on your virtual machine with your existing macOS Catalina VMDK file. click on OK to finish the process.

Step 5: Editing macOS Catalina VMX File

Open your “Virtual Machine Folder” and “right click” on the file with VMX extension which is the configuration file for the whole of your virtual machine, and “Open With” and then choose more apps, and from the list of choices select ‘Notepad’.

This will open the VMX file in Notepad.

Add the code: smc.version = “0”. Save the changes by clicking on “Ctrl+S”.

Now you are done with macOS Catalina Virtual Machine Emitting Increase the Ram Memory, Processor and Added the existing hard disk Image file, ready for the installation of macOS Catalina Beta on VMware on Windows PC.

Step 6: Install macOS Catalina Beta on VMware on Windows

Any thing can be your reason to install macOS Catalina Beta on VMware on Windows PC, we don’t focus on that. you can be a developer want to install macOS on VMware as windows user, or want to test any application on macOS, or maybe your are developer for Mac and iPhone IOS, what ever is the case this article will help you to install macOS Catalina Beta on VMware on Windows PC.

MacOS Catalina Beta on VMware on Windows

The macOS Catalina Installation on VMware is bit different than other macOS Installation on VMware for this you have to follow some tricks to get it done.

Before going to play the macOS Catalina Beta Virtual Machine Click on “Edit Virtual Machine Settings“. and click on the Options tab, now from General Menu, on the left you will see your virtual machine name and guest operating system list, Select “Microsoft Windows” and version drop down list select “windows 10 X64“. now click on Ok.

When you correctly change the Operating system from the option menu Now, turn on your macOS Catalina, it’s time to wait about 10 to 20 min. Once your installation has completed, Turn off your macOS Catalina Virtual Machine.

And again click on Edit Virtual Machine settings and from the Options Menu and General Select “Apple Mac OS X“. and click on Ok.

Step 7: Install macOS Catalina on VMware Virtual Machine

Everything is set up now simply click on Play Virtual machine and follow the installation instruction to complete the macOS Catalina Install on VMware Virtual Machine on Windows PC.

The First page you will see for macOS Catalina Installation is to select your “Country” click on Continue.

Data and Privacy is important for every users so its recommended to read if you new to macOS to know more about data and privacy policy of macOS.

Transfer tool, of the collect features that macOS provides for their users that they can transfer from old Mac to a new Mac, not only Mac Even windows users can transfer their files to new MacOS, but for this article we will not go for the transfer process because we install the beta version for test.

Apple ID Sign in page will ask to login with your apple ID that you can use the store after installation completed, but you can login later on the app store when you need to download any apps from the store so don’t worry about this and select set up later.

Term and conditions, its really important to know because macOS will update it’s term and condition on every update you have to read this. before you agree to the terms and conditions.

Create A computer Account. Fill out the following information to create your computer account.

  • Full Name: Write your name.
  • Account Name: It will select automatically.
  • Password: write your password to log in in your mac. Further, write the same password in verify too.
  • Hint: write something memorable about your password. When you forget your password. The hint will help you to find it back.
  • Finally, Press on Continue.

On the page of Express Set Up, you can customize the settings yourself because this will by default allow maps and other apps to use and determine your location, and help apple improve its products and services by allowing analytics of usage and data from this Mac.

macOS Catalina Beta Analytics will help developers to improve their products and services automatically.

Screen Time, is one of the coolest features in macOS Catalina 10.15. and it was introduced in iOS not too long ago, which allows the users to control apps and device usage on their iOS Devices, and a blasting new features for parents, it’s easy to monitor and control their child’s usage and now screen time is coming to Mac as well.

Apple Officially account Screen Time for macOS Catalina at this year WWDC 2019,

So here’s a quick overview of what to expect from Screen Time on macOS Catalina.

  • Weekly Reports: View daily and weekly charts and get insights about your Screen time.
  • Downtime & App Limits: Scheduled time away from the screen and set daily time limits for the apps or app categories to control child expending too much time on computer.
  • Content & Privacy Restrictions: Restrict settings for contacts, explicit content, purchases and downloads, and privacy.
  • Screen Time Passcode: Manage screen time for children from your Mac or iOS devices, or use a screen time passcode on your child’s device.

Choose Your Look, macOS Mojave comes up with a dark mode which was a cool features and loved by Mac users in macOS Catalina 10.15 you have an option to select an auto option for the look to change between dark mode and light mode. another cool option in macOS Catalina 10.15.

Congratulation, you have done great. Now at this screen, it will set up your Mac. It will take some time for configuration. Then you will see your macOS 10.15 Catalina for the first time.

We have Successfully Installed macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta on VMware Virtual Machine on Windows PC, if you correctly follow the above steps you will get to the last step with macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta on VMware Virtual Machine.

Bottom Line: I have tried my best not to miss a point, but again if you think that I have missed, you can mention on the comment section below will update the article to help you install macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta on VMware Virtual Machine.

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