How to Fix macOS Mojave Screen Resolution on VMware?

macOS 10.14 Mojave, is the new Operating system from Apple for Mac Book, Mackintosh and others. macOS 10.14 Mojave currently one of the best-operating systems yet Apple has released. The new features are really awesome which includes dark theme, Dynamic background, Desktop stacks, iOS App on mac, the new app store design,  Screenshot Markups,  Screenshot Utility, Finder and more.

This awesome operating system was released during September 24, 2018, but the beta version was available on market from June. Alongside those who had already installed and tested macOS 10.14 on mac, windows, and Linux have also tested and used it on Virtual Machines.

The Most used Virtual Machine which used to use macOS Mojave was VMware Workstation Pro, VMware Player, and VirtualBox. However, those users who tested and Installed macOS 10.14 Mojave on Vmware and VirtualBox have faced many errors but of them was the Screen resolution. And in this Post, we will cover How to Fix macOS 10.14 Mojave Screen Resolution on VMware Workstation?

How to Fix macOS Mojave Screen Resolution on VMware?

The best solution for all VMware user is to solve the MacOS Mojave Screen Resolution Problem is to install VMware Tools, VMware Tools is a suite of utilities that enhances the performance of the virtual machine’s guest operating system and improves management of the virtual machine.

VMware Tools enable the following cool features in your VMware Virtual Machine Guest Operating system.

If you think you need the below-listed features you have to install VMware tools on your Guest Operating system.

  • Faster graphics performance and Windows Aero on operating systems that support Aero
  • The Unity feature, which enables an application in a virtual machine to appear on the host desktop like any other application window
  • Shared folders between host and guest file systems
  • Copying and pasting text, graphics, and files between the virtual machine and the host or client desktop
  • Improved mouse performance
  • Synchronization of the clock in the virtual machine with the clock on the host or client desktop
  • Scripting that helps automate guest operating system operations

After you succefuly install VMware tools in VMware Virtual Machine, the screen resolution problem go away.

Even if you face macOS Mojave Screen resolution Issue after VMware Tools installation,

We have a second method for that, to solve the full screen view problem with terminal and some commands

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Step 1: To Fix macOS Mojave Screen Resolution on VMware

1: Click on the VM menu> Install VMware tools.

Install VMware Tools to Fix Screen Resolution
Install Vmware Tools

2: Once you select the Install VMware tool or manually added Darwin.iso, the Install Vmware Window will appear on your screen. So, simply click Install VMware Tools.

VMware tools Fix Screen Resolution on Virtual Machine
Select Install Vmware Tools

3: Once the VMware Tools wizard appears, on the welcome screen click continue.

3: After again on the destination again click continue.

4: When you reached the Installation type window, Simply click Install.

Install VMware tools for macOS Virtual Machine
Install VMware Tools

5: Now you have to enter your login password in order to install the Vmware tools.

Give Access to Install VMware tools
Enter Your Password

6: After that, you have to wait for some seconds while the installation process. A security pop up will appear which asks you to allow the installation of non-downloaded apps from Apps Store.

Select Open Open Security Preferences.

Allow VMware tools Installation on mac machine
Open Security Preferences

7: The Security Preference will need your login authentication, click on that type your login credentials to allow.

Type password to Allow installation
Unlock Security Preferences

8: For some security Reasons macOS Mojave don’t allow you to install any addition program.

You have to allow this for macOS Mojave for authentication to enable installation of VMware tools.

it’s time for you to restart macOS Mojave Virtual Machine.

VMware tools installation Done Restart
Restart Virtual Machine

After a system restart, you will see a beautiful full screen view of macOS Mojave on VMware Virtual Machine.

But in case if the issue remain the same for VMware tools reinstallation, which you did the steps recently.

If the VMware tools reinstallation did not solve the full-screen issue, you have to follow the second method to fix macOS Mojave screen resolution problem on VMware

Step 2: Fix macOS Mojave Screen Resolution Problem in VMwar with Commands

In this condition make sure that your macOS Mojave Guest Operating system up and running.

Now click on search icon/Spotlight icon on your macOS Mojave home screen, the below image will help you with this.

macOS Mojave Screen Issue.

Search Spotlight

In the Spotlight window that opens, type terminal and you’ll see the most similar results that terminal will be the first just hit Enter or click the Terminal to start.

Open Terminal to Fix Mojave Screen

Search for Terminal

The only important part that needs to pay attention is where you need to place the code. For making things easy just copy the below code and past it in the terminal as it is.

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DisplayResolutionEnabled -bool NO
Fix macOS Mojave Screen Resolution
Fix macOS Mojave Screen Resolution Via terminal

When you past the commands on macOS Mojave terminal restart the Virtual Machine, I hope this finale step will fix the full screen resolution issue.

As a result of above step, if that did not work and you see the issue as it is, the final option for you is to copy the below code and past it in terminal to fix the screen resolution problem.

sudo defaults delete/Library/Preferences/ DisplayResolutionEnabled


Finally in conclusion I want to say that all the above steps are the only way to fix macOS Mojave Screen Resolution Problem on VMware Virtual Machine.

Installing VMware tools is the first option you have.

And using terminal is the second option for you to fix macOS Mojave screen resolution problem in VMware Virtual machine.

I am sure that the above methods will work for you as it works for me to solve the full-screen view issue.

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