Download VMware Workstation Latest For Windows

VMware Workstation. Will help you to run your operating system in a more reliable and best way. That seems like when trying to merge your all other operating systems like a mess.

Mostly we want those types of the operating system which are not viable on our physical computer. Where to experiment or install those types of program which demands in a safe place just as your own Windows.

But installing those programs will cause some trouble to operate thing on your own computer. Due to these reasons. You may think of buying another physical computer.

Buying a second physical computer isn’t the best choice for you. It might be costly to own.

Especially for those who IT managers who need at least ten computers with the different operating system installed on it. And run all computer at a time.

For this, you probably required space for every single physical computer. And a save place which should not harm your business and room environments.

Out of this, you may be thinking of dual booting, which is not suitable. Because it went old enough. and you can’t operate multiple different operating systems at the same time to complete your task. For that, you have to go for a system reboot.

When you need to work with the second operating system which is time consuming. As a result, this is below to our expectation and satisfaction.

Therefore are is always an option which can do all the things cost less, secure. Fast and smooth even we can’t think of it.

As I maintained in my above paragraph. To buy a second physical computer or you may go for dual botting. out of this two option, we have a new and different method from those programs which you adopted before.

If you are an interested person. How to do this all in a single seat and a single physical computer. Then you are directed to the point and near, and that’s not out of a tool, which is VMware Workstation Player, created by VMware Inc. Which offers countless amazing cools features (Free and Paid).

So here you will go with all the information needed for VMware workstation Player.

What is VMware Workstation?

In a simple terms. VMware Workstation is one of the best Virtualization Program/Software.

Which allows me and you to run an entire Virtual Guest Operating system within your existing operating system.

And you can run different multiple guest operating system like macOS, Windows, Linux but in a more complex way it enables you to run any types of the operating system.

Only take a secure environment what won’t affect your existing operating system excluding your computer hardware resources and storage.

While using VMware Virtual machine guest operating system. You can work with your existing operating system on your physical computer. From the same seat.

So while working on VMware Virtual Machine Guest operating system you test, Experiment and do all that which you have planned for without changing your seat. And rebooting your Physical computer. Working with defendant Operating system.

How many Virtual Machine I can run at a time

It depends on the hardware performance of your physical computer and how much resources you assign for a single virtual machine guest operating system.

Can I Change Hardware Resources of Virtual Machine?

Yes for sure. You will be able to change the assign hardware resources to VMware Virtual Machine. While you finish creating a new VMware Virtual Machine.

And even you can change the hardware resources of your VMware Virtual Machine after you installed the operating system in it.

If you face slow performance you can change the hardware resources for VMware Virtual Machine any time you want.

Like: Ram, Processor and even the size of hard disk which assign to a Virtual Machine.

What is Guest Operating system?

All the operating system inside VMware Virtual Machine are called guest operating system whether that’s macOS, Windows or maybe Linux, all different versions and updates.

Which are store inside your Physical Computer hard drive as a single file or multiple files. You have this option to select how you want to store your virtual machine as single file or multiple files. While creating a new Virtual Machine.

As a result. VMware Workstation is your perfect choice when it comes to virtualization.

Because VMware workstation provides high performance for the Guest operating system. And work entirely separate from your existing operating system installed on your physical computer.

The VMware workstation web interface allows you to access local and server hosted Virtual Machine from your PC, Smart Phones, Tablets and any other devices with a modern browser.

Finally, you can have everything on the guest Operating system just like you have on your physical computer.

So, if you want to test any new operating system released on the market in a secure platform where everything is locked and secure.

Or you may test any software on different operating system VMware Virtualization will be your first choice.

Even before testing any new software. You can take a snapshot of your guest operating so can quickly go back to the previous state of your guest operating if you face any problem after installation.

Best of All other features VMware Workstation Supports multi-core processors. This means that you can assign two CPU cores to your Host and Remaining two CPU for your guest operating system.

What do I need? To Avail VMware Workstation Benefits

If you are interested on the above cools features and worried how to avail this all.

Don’t worry you won’t need much. In fact, all you need is to have a working computer with virtualization option enabled from Bios of your physical computer.

For inter CPU’s it will be VT-x and AMD it will be by default enabled. Including that you will need to update your operating system to the latest version.

and Download VMware workstation Player or Pro Latest Version which we will provide the download links on the download section.

Dose Running Guest Operating system Effect my Computer OS?

The answer is with NO. As we said it before. But once again I emphasize on this that installing VMware Workstation and Running Guest Operating system, will not hurt your physical computer OS.

Download VMware workstation Player / Pro

Download VMware Workstation For Windows
Download VMware Workstation For Windows

There are two editions of VMware Workstation available on the market VMware workstation Player and VMware workstation Pro.

  1. VMware Workstation Pro:  the VMware workstation pro is the premium edition of VMware. And it is used by IT or Businesses that require to run more than one operating system on a single window or Linux. designed for heavy and powerful tasks. And the charges start from $199.99 USB but the charges will be applied for the custom configuration of your business or IT industry.
  2. VMware Workstation Player: which is the free version and used for personal and non-commercial organizations. To use for students and leaning purpose.

VMware Workstation Pro

  • High-Performance 3D Graphics
  • High-Resolution Display Support
  • Helpful Snapshots
  • Cross-Compatibility
  • Monster Virtual Machines
  • Restricted Access to VM’s
  • Shared Virtual Machines

VMware Workstation Player

  • Simple but Powerful Virtualisation
  • The Perfect Tool for Learning
  • Your Path to BYO
  • A Secure and Isolated Environment
  • Windows 10 Compatible
  • 3D Graphics Support
  • Support All Removeable Devices

How to Install VMware Workstation in Windows

This time. For this, article I take VMware Workstation Pro as an Example.

But you want to install VMware workstation Player, the install process will be no different.

The steps will help you to install VMware Workstation Player in windows operating system.

Now you have decided which version of VMware Workstation to use for Next Virtualization. Let’s start the installation process.

Open the VMware Workstation Pro Setup wizard file which you have downloaded.


When Setup installation wizard appears go Next.

End User License Agreement

Click I accept the license agreement then Next.

Custom Setup

Specify where you want to install the program or let it by default, then Next.

User Experience Settings

Through the process, on the user experience settings, the updates and VMware customer experience will be checked by default, let them like that if you want.


The shortcuts will be created in the places, as it’s for me, you are free.

Install VMware Workstation

The installation will begin after you hit the Install button, simply click on it and let it do its thing.

Installing VMware Workstation Pro

While installing, you are free to move anywhere except not to cancel or exit the window.

VMware Workstation Completed

After the installation process completed, click Finish. The program is now installed and ready to use. That was pretty simple, and you are ready to go.

VMware Workstation Home page
VMware Workstation Home page

All good! There’s nothing you have left to do. Just open and start setting up a virtual machine and install macOS High Sierra or macOS Mojave.

How to Create a New Virtual Machine in VMware Pro for Guest Operating system?

Creating a Virtual Machine in VMware is really simple you don’t have to do much once you have installed VMware Workstation in Windows 10. Simply, you have to open the VMware workstation pro Software, to Create a new virtual machine for different operating system, you can create virtual machine for macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave, which is the latest Version of macOS by Apple, and even you can create a new virtual machine for different Microsoft Operating system, and Linux.

in this article we will talk about creating a new virtual machine in VMware workstation pro as a windows user because we have installed VMware workstation Pro inside windows 10. we don’t target any special operating system in this article this guide will be all operating system, in next article we may focus creating new virtual machine for specific operating system because, because every operating system need a different system requirement.

o make simple to understand we will not talk more about Virtualization Software and creating new Virtual machine we directly start how to create a new virtual machine in VMware workstation pro inside windows 10.

1: Open VMware workstation Pro

When you open VMware Workstation Pro, you have a decent look of VMware workstation Pro, as below image.

VMware Workstation Home page
VMware Workstation Home page

2: Create a New Virtual Machine in VMware Pro

On the home page of VMware workstation pro, you will some options from them you have to click on Create a New Virtual Machine.

VMware Workstation Create new VM
VMware Workstation Create new VM

3: Select type of configuration

The configuration Process will start from this step, you have two types of configuration Typical and Custom, we are OK with typical configuration if you want to go more advanced custom configuration you can select that as well.

VMware Workstation New Virtual Machine
New Virtual Machine

4: Select Guest Operating System

Guest Operating system are those operating which you want to install in VMware Workstation Pro Virtual Machine, you can select an ISO file to be install on this Virtual Machine. and even have an option to select the guest operating system latter from Virtual machine setting page.

We will attach the guest operating system letter to this virtual machine.

Vmware Workstation to Decide Opetating system
Decide For Operating System

5: Select Guest Operating System Types

Now its time to confirm that which operating system you want to install on this virtual machine, you have an option for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple macOS, VMware ESX, and other. make sure to select the exact operating which you want to install on this machine.

VMware Workstation Operating system List
Operating system List

6: Virtual Machine Name and Location

You have to provide a clear and desired name for your Guest Operating System that can help you in the future to access that easily, and confirm the location where you want to store this virtual machine, we suggest you to store all your virtual machine out of C Drive on any other drive and folder.

Select VMware workstation Virtual Machine Location
Virtual Machine Name & Location

7: Attach Virtual Hard Disk

Every Operating system will need a hard drive to store the operating installation file so here we will select a 40 GB Virtual Hard Disk our Guest Operating system, you can store the guest operating system file on a single file and multiple files but it’s better and clear to select store virtual disk as a single file.

VMware workstation Assign Hard Disk for VM's
Assign Hard Disk Size

You are done with creating a new virtual machine in VMware workstation Pro in Windows 10, now you can customize this Virtual machine as your desired like to increase the hard drive space and increase the Ram and Processor for your guest operating system if you want so, click on customize hardware if not click on finish.

VMware Workstation virtual machine Done
Almost done

it was that simple to create a new virtual machine in VMware workstation Pro inside windows 10 now you can install any guest operating system in this virtual machine and enjoy using the different operating system on a single physical computer.

Now its time to install your desired guest operating on VMware workstation here is how to install any Guest Operating system on VMware Virtual Machine.


That’s all to know about VMware Workstation. From Explanation to Downloading and from downloading to installation and creating a new Virtual Machine to Install Guest Operating on VMware workstation Pro or VMware Workstation Player.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback’s please use the comment section below.

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