How to Create Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image

We are here today with an amazing article, How to Create Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image? What is a VirtualBox Image? an image a complete copy of an operating system that includes all file and configurations of an installed operating system, so we will not go for any other operating system because this topic is about Ubuntu Linux Operating system, so we will create Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox image.

An Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox image is a file or set of files, which contains everything from one single partition. copying everything here bit by bit. You then have a complete OS image that you can restore onto your VirtualBox and bring back to the same stat.
with Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image, you don’t need to Create Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine Using VirtualBox inside Windows, you just need to do some click and set up a fully functional Ubuntu Linux in a few minutes. let don’t make things complicated, start creating Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image

How to Create Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image?

Create Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image

When you Installed and Configure Ubuntu Linux in VirtualBox and setup everything as your demand now you want to take an image of your Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine, for the aim not go for the same process in the future when you need an Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine. Because to do the same process again will need time and getting things ready again is unbearable like to fix screen resolution and fix all issues in a virtual machine. instate of doing that all why not create an Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine.

Step 1: Open VirtualBox
Open VirtualBox to Create Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image
VirtualBox Virtualization Software

From the VirtualBox top menu look for Machine and click on Export To OCI ….

Export the virtual machine to Create Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image
Export Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine

Step 2: Virtual Machine Appliance Settings

Setting Ubuntu To Create Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image
Select Format of Ubuntu Image

From format: Drop Down Select Open Virtualation Format 2.0

Step 3: Confirm the Image name and Location

Confirm the image location to Create Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image
Confirm the Ubuntu Image Location

Save your VirtualBox image out of C: Drive of your computer make a folder and type a name for your Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image and click on save. next, you will be guided to the next Screen as below.

Next to Create Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image

Once again confirm the image name and confirm the image location. Click Next

Step 4: Virtual System Settings

Type Image details to Create Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image
Type the Ubuntu Image Details

Type a custom name for Ubuntu Linux VirtuaBox image and versions the rest are additional information if you want you can edit that and give your desired details. Now you are done click on Export.

Step 5: Exporting Ubuntu Linux Image

Export Virtual Machine to Create Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image
Ubuntu Virtual Machine Export Process

This process will take some time you need to wait for process to complete.

Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image

When Exporting process completed confirm the Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox Image on the folder you selected to save the Ubuntu image.

Want to know how to install Ubuntu Linux From VirtualBox image Read the Blow Article

How to Install Ubuntu Linux From VirtualBox Image

Bottom Line:

With some simple click, you save your time not to create again and again new Virtual machine and do the installation and configuration Process,

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