Best Free VPN for Mac 2019 Reviews

For all those people who use macOS, they know the struggle to use internet results in a different time zone. Those who have international clients or working schedules have to surf the internet according to those time zones. Also, they need more security and privacy so that their data is protected. In order to use the internet with more privacy, VPN’s are used worldwide and they help in browsing the internet safely. Also, VPN’s help to access all such information which is not accessible in one’s country. It is a very useful add-on to have one’s computer. Here are some of the best free VPN for Mac OS.

5 Best Free VPN for Mac OS Users

VPN Allows you to check the different result of the internet from multiple locations and time zone like if you have international clients you have to surf the internet according to there time zone and for security and privacy, in order to use internet with more privacy you will need VPN

  1. Tunnelbear:
  2.  ExpressVPN:
  3.  NordVPN
  4.  CyberGhost VPN
  5. Surfshark VPN

let’s talk and describe all the Best Free VPN for Mac Separately that you can select your best choice VPN.

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1: Tunnelbear Free VPN for Mac:

If you want to keep things single and use something which is easy to get a hold of, it is something for you. There are a number of features in this VPN that you can use in order to get yourself protected on the internet, however, the best part is the fact that it is very easy to use and that is why it stands out from the rest of the VPN which are available for Mac platform. It also connects automatically and there is no need to change any setting in your system. There is a list of almost 20 countries from which the user can choose.

One of the Best Free VPN for Mac

One of the Best Free VPN for Mac

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To Download Tunnel Bear VPN you have to create an account with that website which is just some clicks next you will access the download link

Tunnelbear VPN For mac Create Free Account

Tunnelbear VPN For mac Create Free Account

if you are new to this VPN click on number 1 create a new account, but if you have already an account with this software you just need to click on number 2 and which is use an existing account. that all enjoy using the VPN

2:  Express Free VPN for Mac OS:

Express VPN for Mac OS

Express VPN for Mac OS

It is a virtual private network that claims to have an unrestricted worldwide access. It is an easy to use application and can be used for every device including Android, Apple iPhones, tablets and all computers. You can enjoy the content from anywhere around the world without any type of interruption or blockage. There are a total of 148 server locations that allow you to enjoy the unlimited facility. A speed test is built in it which can be used to choose the fastest server. There are a lot of security features that protect your device from all harmful scam and phishing. No activity logs or connection logs are ever saved. And you can also enjoy being online without your name is shown i.e. anonymously. There are a number of educational features as well which include the activity log, the internet privacy guidelines as well as streaming of sports. The best part of this VPN is that you can enjoy the trial of the first 30 days. After one month you have to pay for it but again for the next 30 days if you don’t find it user-friendly, there is a money-back guarantee and you can definitely avail it!

Express VPN Best Free VPN for MacOS

Express VPN For MacOS user

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3:  Nord Free VPN For Mac OS

This VPN has almost a thousand servers in 56 different countries all over the world which makes it a very effective and useful VPN service. All the servers which work under the umbrella of this VPN are very high speed and they make sure that you stream online without any issues and protects your data with the help of end to end encryption.  This double data or end to end data encryption makes sure that one gets totally safe while using the internet. There are numerous safety features in this VPN and one of the most important is that it never keeps any log and the automatic kill switch helps in blocking all the specified websites. There are 58 different locations available in this VPN and one can choose from these to get secure. DNS queries are handled by the DNS resolver which is also a feature of NordVPN.

NordVPN Best Free VPN For MacOS

NordVPN Best Free VPN

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These are some of the VPN’s which are best for use if you are a Mac lover. These VPN’s provide you with the most essential safety that you need while surfing because of the increased online information attacks, it is very important to secure one’s self.

NordVPN Best Free VPN for Mac OS free Download

NordVPN Best Free VPN for Mac OS Free Download

On the download page, you have to select MacOS which is shown on the above picture to download the correct version of software of your OS

4: CyberGhost Free VPN For Mac OS

CyberGhost VPN is one of the top ten world’s best virtual private network. It is regarded as the safest VPN. It is the only first self-managed VPN and has high speed. If you are searching for a network where you are not censored and you can access to everything without any sort of blockage or hurdle, then CyberGhost is actually perfect for you. However, if you plan to use it in the state of China or Romania you must not be using it as you may catch the government’s spying eye. The best part of this CyberGhost VPN is that you can connect as many as 7 devices to it at the same time. It is very easy to set up. It must not be wrong to say that there is an extra protective layer when it is connected to the public Wi-Fi. If you log in to some website, it will automatically log you out for your safety. In addition, it has multiple safety features in it which protect from any malicious advertisements, websites, and tracking.

Get CyberGhost VPN

Get CyberGhost VPN


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5: Surfshark Free VPN For Mac OS

Surfshark VPN is also one of the world’s top VPN and is widely used. The company offers you the best possible expert care without any technological or data-based damaged. Its features are developed by brilliant professionals and there are no traps or will offer in it to deceive the costumers. Like the ExpressVPN, it also has a money back giving an offer. They provide a free trial for the beginners and if they like the Surfshark VPN, they can choose it permanently by purchasing it. There are some concessional offers too! If even after initial using you do not like it, you can get the money back which is guaranteed. It shows you an unrestricted content which is not censored. There is no type of intervention or discontinuation. The ultra-fast speed attracts the users a lot. There’s no actual difference between the original internet speeds. There is a designed kill switch which protects your data and does not let it get exposed. You and your whole family can use it on one connection. It is friendly and supportive as the query team is always available to answer any sort of user questions. Your online activity is automatically hidden as the VPN masks your IP address. It is without any complicated use but is as simple as your Wi-Fi.

SurfShark Free VPN for Mac Free Download

SurfShark Free VPN for Mac Free Download

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This was the list of Best Free VPN for MacOS users which we review on 2019 if you know any other Free VPN for MacOS let us know on the comment section below that we can add on this article to make it more informative.


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